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Manufacture and Repair to the following standards --- API (American Petroleum Institute) | ISO 9001 (International Organization for Standardization)

Manufacturing Oil & Gas Industry Equipment & Parts in Houston & Pasadena, TX

Model 61 Torque Wrench


Manufacturing Services

Our manufacturing services construct products such as drill pipe and kelly spinners, torque wrenches, iron roughnecks, master and kelly bushings, and hydraulic power units. In manufacturing these products, we consider quality one of our highest priorities. We strictly follow a industry recognized Quality Control System (API & ISO9001) so that we can provide the best quality product for our customer.

Machining Services

We offer machining services for companies that have a product design but not the facility or ability to produce the product. Our experienced manufacturing staff will review your drawings, offer suggestions, and help you figure out the right processes that will bring your design to completion. Again, we follow our Quality Control System to provide the best quality machining services to our customers.

Repair Services 

We provide repair services on most of the industries equipment such as but not limited to iron roughnecks, torque wrenches, master and kelly bushings, drill pipe slips, and drill pipe and kelly spinners. Rig Down? We offer Onsite rig repair services for these products, as well. Following API & ISO9001 standards, allows us to produce quality repairs that last.

JT Oilfield provides an exclusive program for customers that may not have the time to wait for a repair to be completed. The Core Exchange Program, allows our customer to exchange damaged or used equipment for a discounted exact refurbished unit that we keep in stock. No other company provides this service.


Spare Parts

We provide all parts for our product line, as well as, parts for other manufactures. Our products are interchangeable with all the industry's leading providers of oilfield products. Keeping thousands of spare parts in stock allows your company to quickly get your equipment, and ultimately, your rig back up and running.

About Us

JT Oilfield Manufacturing Company, Incorporated in Houston, Texas, manufactures, repairs, and sells drilling equipment for the oil and gas industry. Our owner, Tom Mooney, previously worked for VARCO™ and Eckel Tongs™ before going on to establish his own roots in the industry with JT Oilfield in 1988. Since then, our company has been a family-owned-and-operated organization that provides quality products, repair services, and manufacturing for the oilfield and gas drilling industry.

Moving Forward

Our company follows his example in continuing the tradition of providing excellent services to our customers. We have established an outstanding reputation by constantly improving the quality of our products so that we are able to serve a vast array of customer requirements, and we will continue to be a source for diversified oilfield products and services.

How We Are Different

Our length of time in the industry has given us a reputation that reflects the knowledge we bring to our customers. When you work with us, you receive the highest quality of customer service and product. Customers who work with us not only compliment the quality of our work, but our rapid turnaround.


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